Whitening Services

Whitening Teeth Eugene Tillman

Keep your Smile White and Bright!

Custom Made Whitening Kit

We offer a take-home custom whitening kit that is made here in the office.  We take an impression of your teeth so that the trays fit perfectly.  This ensures that you can whiten with a professional strength gel in the comfort of your home while minimizing contact with sensitive gum tissue.

Duration of Use

The whitening tray will be worn for a duration of time we determine based on the degree of discoloration. Typically they can be worn several hours daily, or at night for weeks to best achieve the desired whitening results.

Should I Whiten my Teeth?

Teeth whitening provides the best results for people who have overall good oral health and have maintained their teeth and gums to avoid cavities, fillings and gum restoration procedures.  Consult us today to determine if  teeth whitening is right for you.