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Eugene Oral Surgery

Tooth Extractions and Oral Surgery

When necessary, Dr. Tillman performs most of his tooth extractions. Occasionally other options are available such as a referral to the specialist. Options can be discussed during the exam with Dr. Tillman. Usually an extraction is a quick service that takes less than an hour, however healing may take a few days.

What Are the Reasons for Pulling a Tooth?

Although adult teeth (often called permanent teeth) were meant to last a lifetime, there are a a few reasons when tooth removal is needed. The most common reason may be that a tooth is too badly damaged, from trauma or decay, to be repaired. Other reasons include:

A crowded mouth.  If teeth are too big or numerous for a mouth, it is likely removing a few teeth may be recommended.

Infection. Tooth damage or decay can extend to the center pulp of the tooth, which containing the nerves and blood vessels. Bacteria in the mouth can enter the pulp,  which can lead to infection. Pulling the tooth helps prevent the spread of infection.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease. If periodontal disease — an infection of the tissues and bones that surround and support the teeth — have caused loosening of the teeth, it may be necessary to the pull the tooth or teeth.

What Are The Steps to Tooth Removal?

As a first step, your dentist will need to anesthetize (“numb up”) both your tooth and the bone and gum tissue that surround it.

At this point in time, there is still no way for a dentist to predictably administer a local anesthetic except as an injection (a “shot”).

We’ll admit that receiving one may hurt a bit. But we’ll also emphatically state that it doesn’t always.

A dental crown may be needed in the following situations:

  • To protect a weak or cracked tooth to hold it together and keep it from breaking
  • To restore a broken or severely worn tooth
  • To support and cover a  tooth with a large filling
  • To hold in place a dental bridge
  • To cover misshapen or discolored teeth
  • To cover a dental implant
  • To make cosmetic modifications